AMASYA WIND POWER PLANT (AMASYA WPP) Electrical and Civil Construction Works (EPC):

Description of supplied services by our Company under this contract:
*Design and engineering
*Electrical and civil projects (except turbine foundation civil projects)

Civil Works: Turbine foundations, Crane Platforms, transport and site roads of wind park and all required civil works for SS, MV cable trenches, OHL and opposite SS Line Feeder construction

Electrical Works: 154kV 12,46 km 2×1272 MCM Conductor Power Transmission Line and 154/34,5 kV AMASYA WPP Substation, WPP MV Electric Distribution (Power Distribution Line and Cable), TEİAŞ opposite SS line feeder extension
*Supply, delivery, installation of electrical, electromechanical equipment/material (except turbines) *test and commissioning ( except turbines )