GÜNGÖR ELEKTRİK, shall indigenise and apply the management understanding which gives an importance to environment and protects the environment with technological and quality fact.

GÜNGÖR ELEKTRİK committs to constitute and continiously to improve with fortificate the environmental management systems involving all subcontractors in his field of activity consist in legislative regulations about environmental health, customer requirements and other relevant requirements.

According to this aim:

- to obey all local and national law and codes about environment health and safety,

- To take measures to reduce the wastes generated during our activities and to make continuous improvements. To ensure that the resulting wastes are disposed of or recycled as prescribed by law,

- To determine the environmental dimensions, to take them into account when setting goals and objectives,

- To train our employees about Environmental Management System,

- to use environmentally compatible products and to consider this criteria when determining suppliers,

- to reduce the use of natural resources and turning to the consumption of reusable and recyclable materials wherever possible,

- to try to reduce the emergency risks,

- to prevent the wastege of using materials,

- to reduce environmental pollution by saving energy consumption continuously,

- to ensure that other parties (people, sub-contractors, etc.) have easy access to this policy ,

Is our Environment Policy.

Mustafa GÜNGÖR
Company Manager