GÜNGÖR ELEKTRİK, shall indigenise and apply the management understanding which gives an importance to health and safety and protect environment and with technological and quality fact.

GÜNGÖR ELEKTRİK committs to constitute and continiously to improve with fortificate the health and safety management systems involving all subcontractors in his field of activity consist in legislative regulations about health and safety, customer requirements and other relevant requirements.

According to this aim:

- to carry out our activities with minimum work accidents by keeping workers' health and safety at the highest level,

- To prevent any adverse effects on the health of our employees and the other peoples to be affected by our activities and to take the necessary preventions to control the accident, damage and danger that may occur on the onset to the property of ourselves and others,

- accordingly, to make OHS management system philosopy as a life philosopy by improving our employees' health and safety awareness,

- To inform every new supplier in terms of health and safety aspect,

- To comply with legal obligations, current OSH legislation and the requirements of the organizations that we are a member,

- To make management understanding, philosophy of continuous development, management and systems compatible with the management system in all processes and to continuously improve its efficiency by indigenising the personnel and increase market share, profitability and competitiveness power,

- To continuously improve and enhance our management system,

Is our Health and Safety Policy.

Mustafa GÜNGÖR
Company Manager