Our company reached its first-day goal of being one of the industry’s most prominent companies although was established about 34 years ago under extemely limited means and modest conditions. In this regard, the current monetary size of the completed facilities by our Company in electricity transmission, distribution, and generation fields reached approximately 19 billion Turkish lira ($600 million).

Today our company has a MISSION to be an important player that sets the agenda through its commercial approach and engineering solutions in the fields of electricity transmission, distribution, and generation construction, project and engineering activities as well as operation and maintenance services.

We have reached this mission with a VISION of being sustained for all kinds of technical and commercial competition where our trust-based commercial and institutional/personal relations with all our counterparts principled, based on mutual rights and interests, and solution based rather than making problems.

This MISSION and VISION will remain as been in our future activities.


The Electricity Market Law No. 4628, which entered into force in 2002, brought revolutionary changes in the industry whereby electricity generation, distribution and trade license activity was opened to the private sector after a public sector monopoly throughout the history of the Republic. Going through so many changes to that day, this law transferred all distribution activities and more than half of the production activities to the private sector. The transmission remains to be managed by the public sector under the law.

Our company perceived this change in the past 15 years in a very short time and undertook the structuring accordingly. In this context, it implemented the connection (154-380 kV OHL and TS) of many Wind- and Natural Gas-based private sector production facilities in the past 15 years to the transmission system. Initially servicing the public sector entirely, the company moved on to acquire a structure where it offers 70 percent of its transmission facilities, construction, project and engineering, and operation and maintenance services to private sector organizations. Over the last 15 years, our average turnover stood at approximately $30 million with the annual average number of employees ranging from 150-200. In this context, we have always succeeded in having a 15 percent market share in the industry in line with our goal we determined in the last 15 years, and even exceeded this some years.


Our primary goal in the next ten years is to protect our existence “as a brand in the sector without compromising our principles” rather than the quantitative size of our market share.

Mustafa GÜNGÖR
Chairman of the Executive Board

  • To take into account the fact that our Country may continually encounter economic, social and political crises due to its location in the world’s most troubled geographical region.
  • To take necessary precautions and being ready to them at any moment to see the minimum effect of these negativities.
  • It will be able to transform possible crises into ‘‘opportunity’’ for our company by protecting our existence and competitive power in the industry with achieving this.
  • Despite everything, our country has to make new investments and has to grow in electricity industry in generation, transmission and distribution facilities
  • Today we estimate that the approximately 75,000-MW installed capacity will rise to 150,000 MW over the next decade. In this sense, it is necessary to make 75,000 MW additional generation investment.
  • This installed capacity increase means investing at least $5 billion directly to transmission facilities (154-380kV electricity transmission lines and transformer substations), which is our main activity area. In other words, it is necessary to invest $500 million per year.
  • If we maintain our market share as 10 percent, it is possible to get an annual share of $50 million, and it should be our goal.
  • It is possible to increase our share by participating in wind power plant projects similar to the project "Turnkey Wind Power Plant" project we completed last year.
  • Also, we started to undertake necessary efforts to take a place on these projects in the construction of distribution facilities within the specialized distribution regions.
  • We will continue to work in overseas contracting services even though it is not a priority target.