WPP (Wind Power Plants) (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Our Company constructed two WPP each have the 50 MWs capacities under turnkey based contracts by this time which covers all CIVIL WORKS such as site roads, turbine foundations, crane platforms and all ELECTRICAL WORKS such as WPP MW electrical cabling, earthing, turbines earthing, Transformer Substation and Transmission Line; engineering, procurement, construction+assembly and commissioning.

Detailed work descriptions carried under EPC Contract stated below;

Works for Transformer Substation;

Single Line Diagram which shall be the basis of the structure of the transformer substation that will be constructed by our Company and also which is in the scope of application projects that shall be prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Connection Agreement to be made has the priority;

- Construction of HV Line Feeders which will be at the Transformer Substation,
- Supply and assembly of Power Transformer/s,
- Supply and Assembly of MW Metal-Clad Cubicles,
- Construction of Control-Command Building and Metal-Clad Building,
- Supply and Assembly of all required telecommunication equipments,
- Supply and Assembly of SCADA System which covers HV and MV systems,
- Supply and Assembly of Power Quality Measurement System (TÜBİTAK),
- Supply of software required for connection to the Wind Tracing and Estimation System,
- Assembly of all required protection and control equipments and system,
- Site Tests and Commissioning,
- Completion of all required legal procedures for the assembly and operation of all primary and secondary equipments

Are realized under TURN KEY BASED CONTRACTS in a best reliable and fast way by our Company.

Wind Park MW Distribution Works;

- Supply and Assembly of MW Cables and all accesories between turbines and transformer substation,
- Construction of cable trenches,
- Supply, Assembly and tests of fiber optical cables, hdpe pipes, termination boxes for SCADA system,
- Supply and Assembly of RMUs and plug-in cable heads which will be assembled in turbines,
- Supply and Assembly of earthing materials for turbine and fence earthing,
- Tests and Commissioning of Wind Park MW cable network and relays,
- Wind Park MW Power Transmission/Distribution Line Construction Works,

Are realized under TURN KEY BASED CONTRACTS in a best reliable and fast way by our Company.

Wind Park Site Roads Construction Works;

Site Roads/Wind Park Roads Construction Works according to the technical details such as slope of the road, excavation/backfilling, pavement etc. Defined at Technical Specification and Application Project,

Crane Platform-Turbine Foundation Construction Works;

-Turbine Foundations Construction Works according to the excavation, formwork, reinfocement and workship bases which are defined at Specifications and Application Project that is submitted by the Turbine Producer,
-Crane Platforms Construction Works according to the Technical Specification, Project and Turbine Assembly Company’s requirements,
-Doing whole works about construction, establishment and assembly according to the application projects, Technical Specifications and Standarts inforce,
-Realization of the all required works for completion of construction of the Wind Park and connection of the power plant to the grid exceptionaly supply and assembly of Turbines which were not defined here,

Are realized under TURN KEY BASED CONTRACTS in a best reliable and fast way by our Company.

Beside these two wind power plants there are 20 WIND POWER PLANTS which have at least 40MW installed capacity in service and all ELECTRICAL WORKS (cabling between turbines + transformer substation + transmission/distribution lines) were realized by our Company under TURNKEY CONTRACTS.